Puffy vs Allswell Mattress Comparison (2023)

In this Puffy vs Allswell mattress comparison, we’ll take a look at how these two mattresses differ in a variety of areas.

We’ll contrast the Puffy Lux’s soft feel and the firmer Allswell’s comparatively quieter sound. Which one is more suitable for stomach sleepers We’ll also discuss which offers the best Edge Support, durability, and responsiveness. Don’t forget to check out our latest Puffy mattress review.


You may be wondering which mattress is superior either the Allswell or the Puffy. To compare the two, you can use the Mattress Comparison Tool. Although they have similar features and prices however, the quality of the mattresses is not affected by their differences. In this article, we’ll examine the prices of these mattresses so that you can make an informed choice according to your personal needs. There are a few things to think about when comparing mattresses that look like each other.

The Puffy mattress has a soft surface than the Allswell however it’s also firmer than the majority of mattresses. This is great news if you are a stomach sleeper as the sunken hips can lead to an incorrectly aligned lower back arch. The Puffy has a medium firmness, yet it doesn’t feel stuck in one spot all night. It is warm and is a great option for stomach sleepers.

Both mattresses are made of foam. This can lead to heat retention, however with the Puffy mattress, the firmer foam can allow for better air flow. It also features a moisture-resistant memory foam that regulates temperature better than traditional foam. Puffy mattresses are available for a 101-night trial. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s easy to see why people choose it over Allswell despite the more expensive price.

The Puffy Lux memory foam mattress is similar to the Puffy, but has a more luxurious and luxurious feel. It also comes with three layers of high-quality foams that are dense and provide excellent support throughout the body. In addition to being softer than the Allswell, the Puffy Lux is perfect for side sleepers, who require contouring support and less transfer of movement. The Lux is medium-firm and is suitable for most people.


Material is one of the most crucial factors that determines the longevity of mattresses. A mattress made of three layers can be puffy, but a thin design can cause sagging. Puffy provides a lifetime guarantee on its original mattress. However, it is not recommended to flip it. Instead, you should rotate it from head-to-foot once a month for the first few months, then every three to four months or as often as you need.

The Allswell mattress is considerably more durable than a puffy mattress. But the Allswell is less expensive than the former, and it’s an excellent choice for those who are on a tight budget. A mattress topper is a breeze to upgrade. Both mattresses have their benefits and you can pick which one you prefer.

The durability of the Allswell mattress depends on the firmness of the mattress. The mattress’s firmness determines the degree of durability it can offer. Some people may not find a mattress more comfortable. This is particularly true if you are heavier or share the mattress with another person. You can also choose an option with a trial period of 100 nights to make sure that it’s suitable for you.

Allswell mattresses offer a trial of 100 nights. It’s also available in a king size, with a 365-day warranty. The mattress ships free from the U.S., but white-glove delivery may be an additional cost. Register your mattress online for a full warranty. Before you buy ensure that you have review the instructions for care and the product description.

puffy vs allswell mattress comparison
Is Puffy better than Allswell mattress?


When you first remove a foam bed, off-gassing occurs. This is when chemicals are released into the atmosphere. These chemicals are called volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs. This odor will disappear after the air is dilated. This smell is common in foam mattresses, but it is not uncommon for some to feel it. If you notice a peculiar smell coming from your mattress here are some tips to do.

Allswell mattresses are shipped compressed, unlike foam. Unpacking it at home should take about 24 hours. It might smell a little old-fashioned after the first use. This is called off-gassing. The smell can be diminished by removing the cover and allowing it to be compressed. This is normal and should be closely monitored.

Be sure to read the ingredients before you buy an Allswell mattress or a Puffy mattress. The foam in a new mattress contains chemicals that could trigger allergic reactions. Check with the manufacturer if it has any. Make sure the foam is backed by CertiPUR’s certification. Contact the manufacturer if there are any chemical sensitivities. In addition to these steps, you can open windows to help speed up the process. A new mattress should be placed in a well-ventilated area with a cross breeze.

Although there is no direct connection between foam and VOCs or foam mattresses, many of them contain harmful chemicals. In addition to formaldehyde foam mattresses can also release hormone-disrupting flame retardants. These chemicals can be harmful to both workers as well as the environment. Many customers believe that their foam mattress has “off-gassed” after it has been used for a few years.

Comfort Layer

The Allswell mattress is perfect for back sleepers due to its supportive coils at its base. If you’re stomach or side sleeper, the mattress might not be enough soft to give you the sinkage or contouring you require. It might not offer enough support for your back, hips, shoulder, or hips. If you’re on the fence, this comparison should help you decide which mattress to purchase.

In terms of the comfort layer, it must be firm enough to give you moderate pressure relief. The edges of a puffy mattress tend to flex when weight is put on them. They are soft and might not be suitable for sleepers with heavy bodies. However, memory foam provides medium pressure relief. Both materials fit the body of the sleeping person.

The Allswell foam is a standard three-layer material. It has a soft, neutral foam feel , and isn’t as elastic or slow to react as memory foam. It has a firmness level of six, which is more than the majority of foams. A mattress made of Puffy has a lower level of firmness than an Allswell mattress. You can compare both types of foam to determine which one is best for your needs. You can make an informed choice by visiting GoodBed.

This comparison is solid with the Allswell mattress. It is firm and comfortable, but still allows for some sink. The Allswell mattress is suitable for stomach and back sleepers and people who weigh 130 pounds or more. This model also comes with an down alternative mattress pad. It also offers a wide range of mattress toppings made of memory foam to add extra comfort. These extra layers may be beneficial to side sleepers or those who don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Puffy Lux mattress is plush

The Puffy Lux has three inches of slow-responding memory foam, which gives it an almost-melting-into-the-bed feel. Since it is made of soft foam, it will not bounce, making it ideal for back and side sleepers. The original Puffy does not feature such a thick layer of memory foam. This makes it a bit more expensive than the Allswell.

The Puffy Lux mattress is more comfortable than the Allaswell Allswell mattress, but there are some differences between the two. The Puffy Lux is slightly more supple than the Allswell. If there is a difference in weight between you and your partner, it’s recommended to rotate the beds every three to six months. Otherwise, uneven wear could decrease the support capacity of the mattress.

Both the Allswell and Puffy Lux mattresses have memory foam over foam construction. The latter features higher-end pressure relief and edge support that is superior to the earlier. The Puffy Lux is a step higher than Allswell however it is also softer than Allswell. The difference between these two mattresses is likely to be minimal. For most people, however the Puffy Lux is the winner. If you’re unsure, talk to your mattress expert prior to making the purchase.

The Cooling Cloud foam on the Puffy Lux provides support and cooling. The cooling effect is even better, as this layer helps to wick away body heat. The Puffy Lux is also built with an 1.5-inch layer of cooling foam. This layer is designed to provide cool sleep for people who sleep hot. This layer helps to reduce the temperature and keeps your mattress comfortable and supple.

Puffy’s Gel-Infused foam boosts airflow

Puffy mattresses are manufactured in the US using high-quality foam layers. They are suitable for all types of sleepers however side sleepers may prefer the Puffy Lux. Puffy makes use of gel-infused foam, which eight times increases airflow. The Gel Infused Foam helps reduce overheating. The Puffy Lux is perfect for side sleepers. Puffy’s mattresses are able to be fitted to most bed bases. The removable cover makes it easy to change your mind at any moment. Puffy offers a lifetime warranty.

The Gel Infused Foam layer of Puffy mattresses is made of the most advanced materials that are resistant to moisture and temperature. This layer provides consistent support for your body and can help prevent sudden temperature spikes. Puffy’s Cooling Cloud Memory foam is an additional benefit. It utilizes the science of temperature regulation to keep sleepers cool and reducing heat absorption. In actuality the Puffy Royal mattress is a true heat regulating mattress, with grooved foam channels that maximize airflow and minimize heat absorption.

Although Puffy’s foam mattress with gel has more airflow than other mattresses but some customers have complained about the return process. Customers will need to find a local charity that will accept the donation in order to return the Puffy. The charity will need to provide the proof on letterhead. This can be a problem, so be sure to cooperate with Puffy.

Allswell Luxe Hybrid is firmer

Puffy is a well-known brand of foam mattresses. It combines cooling gel memory foam with a firm base. It’s difficult to decide which is the better choice. Both mattresses are firm, but Allswell has three different levels of firmness to fit different body types. While Puffy has a reputation of being too soft, the Allswell Luxe Hybrid has a firmer base. Allswell’s mattress is more firm and provides better support and pressure relief.

For those with large bodies, the Allswell is a better choice over Puffy. The Allswell Luxe Hybrid’s more firm base and reinforced support system for the lumbar spine give more support than the Puffy. Allswell’s stronger base means it will last for years. Because of its thick layers, the Puffy is less likely to break over time.

Both of these options are hard, but Allswell is the best choice if you prefer to sleep on your side. People who toss and rotate often will like Puffy, whereas Allswell is a better choice if you are stomach sleepers. But the Puffy is still worth a look if suffering from back pain. The memory foam mattress is more expensive, but it does offer better back pain relief.

Allswell Luxe Hybrid is quiet

The Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress combines multiple layers of foam with a 7.5-inch pocketed coil system for firmness, bounce, and edge support. Although it’s not as rigid as an innerspring mattress, it has a traditional innerspring feel, with a great edge support. You can flip it upside down if you’re worried about disturbances from your partner.

Allswell is a relatively new company that provides three distinct kinds of mattresses. Their mattresses are made from high-quality memory foam and individually wrapped coils, and many of them come with cooling properties. Although the Luxe Hybrid is slightly more expensive than the original Allswell model, it is still a great value for those who like a comfortable memory-foam mattress. The Allswell Luxe Hybrid is quieter than a fluffy mattress.

The Allswell Luxe hybrid is a solid choice for average-weight stomach sleepers. The memory foam layer should not be too firm , allowing shoulders and hips to sink too much. The mattress isn’t too soft but it does give stomach sleepers the added support of the coils. A back sleeper who is heavy might feel uncomfortable on this mattress however, this is a personal choice.

The Allswell Luxe Hybrid is more durable than Puffy. Both mattresses get positive reviews. Puffy has a higher mark in terms of customer satisfaction. This is an important aspect when comparing mattresses. Puffy offers a longer trial period and better shipping terms. The Allswell Luxe Hybrid is a quieter and more responsive mattress. There is a significant difference between the two brands.

Allswell is a great choice for stomach sleepers

The Allswell mattress is great for those who like to sleep on their stomachs. The mattress is made of memory foam, but the feeling isn’t as comfortable as you think. If you like to sleep “in” your mattress, then opt for a higher-end model that has an extensive layer of memory foam. The Allswell mattress is ideal for you when your weight is normal.

Allswell mattresses are firm but comfortable for stomach-sleepers who weigh average. They also have coils to provide support. The firmer the Allswell mattress is, the better. This mattress should be comfortable for stomach sleepers. Although the mattress is firm enough for most people, if there are pressure points or suffer from discomfort, a mattress that is softer could be a better choice.

Sleepers who are side-sleeping may feel some pressure on the Allswell but the soft foam will not cause any discomfort. This is particularly true for heavier people, who might feel more uncomfortable and sink deeper into the comfort layer more quickly. Side sleepers may also feel that Allswell too soft as it lacks enough firmness. It is important to note that the mattress is backed by a 100-night money back guarantee.

Allswell is a good choice for those who sleep in the back

The Allswell is a great mattress for back sleepers due to its firm memory foam with a responsive support coil and quilted top. A mattress with a firmer feel is ideal for those who sleep on their backs and the Allswell mattress is an excellent option for back sleepers at this price. The Allswell comes with a 1″ quilted top, gel foam and coils that offer support for stomach and back sleepers.

The innerspring design of the Allswell mattress is 10 inches thick. A mattress that is too soft can cause back pain and bow the hips. The Allswell is not the ideal choice for people who sleep on their side because the mattress is too firm. It has enough firmness to accommodate heavier back sleepers, apart from its soft comfort layer. This mattress is not suitable for those who sleep on their sides, however as it lacks support.

The Allswell is an excellent choice for back sleepers However, it might not be suitable for light sleepers. As a medium-firm mattress, it may be too firm for those who don’t suffer from back pain or joint problems. However, it’s still priced competitively, at $345. This mattress is a good bargain compared to hybrid mattresses that can cost more than $1000. Bed-in-a-box hybrids cost much more.

The Allswell mattress is a fantastic choice for pressure relief. Its memory foam is supple and assists the body in moving without creating pressure points. The Allswell mattress’s quilted top helps prevent hotspots that are not present in other brands. The high density foam offers support for the hips, shoulders and edges. It is also a good choice for stomach sleepers. It is a good score in the Mattress Advisor’s temperature test.

Allswell is a great option for side sleepers

The Allswell mattress is a great option for those who sleep on their sides since it offers relief at the hips and shoulders. Although it’s not very thick (10 inches) but it has strong coils to avoid sinking and cradling. The mattress claims to be medium-firm, however, it actually has a firmer feel. Its base is constructed of high-density polyurethane and is therefore more comfortable than other mattresses designed for side sleepers.

The Allswell is among the top mattresses for back and stomach sleepers. The Allswell is a firm mattress with coils individually wrapped to offer a firm and comfortable support. It’s ideal for back sleepers. However, people who are heavier will feel pressure on their hips and shoulders when they sleep on their side. The Allswell is a great option for those who sleep on their sides however, you must be aware that it isn’t ideal for people who weigh more.

Despite their price, Allswell mattresses have an impressive array of benefits that include a 10-inch thick foam layer that’s ideal for sleepers on the side. They’re popular and offer a free trial. You can return your Allswell mattress for a full reimbursement or exchange it if you aren’t satisfied. Visit Allswell for more information about Allswell mattresses.


What mattress is comparable to Puffy?

GhostBed and Puffy are two of the most popular online mattress stores. Both companies provide a wide range of foam and hybrid mattresses with unique cooling characteristics and exceptional pressure relief. Nature’s Sleep introduced GhostBed in 2015.

Is Allswell a good brand?

Professional reviewers praise the Allswell Luxe Hybrid’s value, especially since it boasts many of the same features as high-end hybrid mattresses, and say it’s a good choice for most budget-conscious shoppers, who want a supportive mattress that’s neither too hard nor too soft.

Is Puffy Lux sold in stores?

Puffy mattresses are not available in stores and can only be purchased from the Puffy website. You may sample a Puffy Lux mattress in your own house because delivery is free and there is a 101-day risk-free trial.

Is Allswell mattress good for back pain?

Read our Allswell Supreme mattress review if you’re seeking for a luxurious choice. The Allswell is a supportive mattress that should work well for back and stomach sleepers. It’s also a terrific value.

Is Allswell mattress made in USA?

Even if you aren’t on a budget, the Allswell’s comfort and high-quality construction, along with its low price, make it a great mattress to add to your sleep arrangement. Given that the mattress is created in the United States, the price is extremely appealing.

How long does a Puffy Lux mattress last?

Durability. High-quality materials and CertiPUR-US® certified foams are used in the Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress. We expect it to last at least 10 years because it is so beautifully crafted.

Will a hybrid mattress sag?

Hybrid mattresses, on the other hand, combine foam and coils. Because the coils don’t lose tension until the foam is extensively softened, they practically act as a second line of defense against sagging. Hybrid mattresses, while prone to sagging, tend to last longer than traditional foam mattresses.

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