Puffy VS Emma Mattress Comparison (2023)

Are you shopping around for a new mattress? With so many options out there, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you.

Puffy and Emma are two popular mattresses on the market today, and this article will discuss their differences in detail.

In this Puffy vs. Emma mattress comparison, we’ll explore each brand’s construction, features, and customer satisfaction ratings to help you make an informed decision. So if you’re looking for a high-quality mattress that fits your budget and sleeping needs, read on.

Overview of Puffy Mattress

Puffy is a luxury mattress company that offers a unique sleep experience. It’s made with their patented Cooling Cloud foam that helps regulate body temperature while providing superior pressure relief.

The mattress also has a layer of CertiPUR-US Certified foam for extra comfort and support. It comes with an adjustable base, so you can customize the firmness and height to fit your individual needs. Plus, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

The Puffy Mattress has received high ratings from both customers and professional reviewers alike, making it one of the most popular models on the market today. Its comfortable layers provide excellent support, while its cooling properties help you stay cool during the night. Additionally, its adjustable base allows you to fine-tune your sleeping experience to get the perfect level of comfort and support.

Overall, the Puffy Mattress is a great choice for anyone looking for a quality mattress that provides superior comfort and support without breaking the bank. With its top-notch features and customer-friendly policies, this mattress is sure to keep you comfortable for years to come.

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Overview of Emma Mattress

The Emma mattress is designed to provide comfort and support for a wide range of sleepers. It features a three-layer construction that consists of a breathable top layer, a supportive middle layer, and a high-density base layer.

The top layer is made with Airgocell® foam, which helps create an optimal sleeping environment by regulating temperature and providing pressure relief. The middle layer contains ergonomic memory foam, which contours to the body’s shape to provide targeted support and reduce motion transfer.

Finally, the base layer is constructed from pocketed springs that promote airflow and minimize disturbance from partner movement. All these components work together to ensure that sleepers can enjoy optimal comfort throughout the night.

Design & Construction

Moving on, let’s take a look at the design and construction of the Puffy mattress. It is a multi-layered foam bed that features two layers of memory foam for comfort and support.

The top layer is made with cooling Cloud Memory Foam which contours to body shape and provides pressure relief. The second layer is a basic supportive foam that helps keep the spine in alignment. Both layers are encased with a breathable cover made from a combination of spandex and polyester for added comfort and temperature regulation.

The Emma mattress, on the other hand, offers three different layers for comfort and support. Its top layer is made from Airgocell® foam, which is designed to promote air circulation while also providing cushioning and pressure point relief. The middle layer consists of high-density cold foam that provides additional support to keep your spine in alignment while you sleep. Finally, its bottom layer features an anti-slip base material that keeps the mattress in place on your bed frame or box spring.

Unlike the Puffy mattress, which has a breathable cover, the Emma mattress includes a removable quilted cover made from organic cotton for extra softness and comfort. This cover can be easily removed for washing or replaced if needed over time.

Comfort & Support

When it comes to comfort and support, the Puffy and Emma mattresses are quite different.

The Puffy mattress is designed with seven layers of foam, which provide plush cushioning with a medium-firm feel. It also has a cooling layer that helps regulate your body temperature while you sleep. The Emma mattress, on the other hand, is made up of four layers of foam and pocket springs. This combination provides great support and contouring for your body while still providing plenty of cushioning.

The Puffy mattress is ideal for those who prefer a softer sleeping surface, while the Emma is best suited for back and stomach sleepers who need more support. Both mattresses come with a 10-year warranty so you can rest assured that both will last a long time.

Both mattresses offer great comfort and support, but depending on your individual needs, one may be better suited than the other. Whether you prefer softness or support, either mattress could be perfect for you.

Firmness & Feel

The firmness and feel of a mattress are two important factors in determining how comfortable it is. The Puffy mattress has a medium-firm feel, while the Emma mattress offers three different levels of firmness to suit individual preferences.

Puffy’s medium-firm feel provides support without pushing back too hard against the body. It’s constructed with layers of foam that contour to the body for maximum comfort. This support also helps keep the spine aligned, reducing pressure points and helping relieve any pain or aches you may have from sleeping on an old mattress.

In comparison, Emma offers both soft and firm options depending on your preference. The soft option has a plush top layer that contours to the body for ultimate comfort, while the firm option gives more support for heavier people who need it. Additionally, all three levels of firmness are adjustable, which means you can customize them to find your ideal level of comfort.

Overall, both mattresses provide excellent support and comfort – it just depends on your individual needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a firmer or softer mattress, either one will be sure to provide you with a comfortable night’s sleep.

puffy vs emma mattress comparison
Puffy vs Emma mattress comparison. Which mattress is better?

Temperature Regulation

When it comes to temperature regulation, the Puffy mattress and the Emma mattress have some similarities, but they each offer their own unique benefits.

The Puffy is made with a gel-infused memory foam that helps keep sleepers cool throughout the night. It also has a breathable cover that helps to reduce heat buildup, while still providing enough support to keep you comfortable. On the other hand, the Emma mattress is designed with an open-cell foam core that allows air to circulate freely and helps regulate temperature by dissipating heat away from the sleeper.

The two mattresses also differ when it comes to motion isolation, which can be important for couples who don’t want to wake each other up in the middle of the night. The Puffy mattress features advanced Adaptive Foam layers that are designed to absorb motion and provide greater support for partners of different weights and sizes, while the Emma mattress uses an Airgocell foam layer that is more responsive so one partner won’t feel like they’re sleeping on top of the other.

Overall, both mattresses offer great temperature regulation and motion isolation benefits but in slightly different ways. The Puffy mattress is a great choice if you need extra cooling or support for two people sleeping together, while the Emma mattress may be better suited for those who prefer a more responsive foam material or need help keeping cool during hot summer nights.

Edge Support

When it comes to edge support, the Puffy and Emma mattresses have both have different approaches.

The Puffy mattress offers a combination of foam and coils for edge support. The foam layers absorb motion while the coils offer more support. This allows users to sleep comfortably on the edge without feeling like they’re going to roll off. On the other hand, the Emma mattress uses an all-foam design with no springs. This gives it a softer feel overall, but also limits its ability to provide strong edge support. Users may feel like they are sinking in if they try to use the full surface of the mattress.

In terms of firmness and durability, both mattresses offer a good amount of stability and long-term resilience. The Puffy mattress is slightly firmer than the Emma due to its combination of foams and coils, which helps it retain its shape over time. The Emma mattress is slightly less durable due to its all-foam construction, but still provides adequate support for most people’s needs. Ultimately, neither mattress has a clear advantage when it comes to edge support or firmness levels – it all depends on personal preference and how much surface area you need from your bed.

Overall, both beds provide decent edge support with comfort levels that vary depending on individual preferences. If you prefer a firmer bed with more support around the edges, then the Puffy is likely your best bet; if you prefer something softer with less edge support, then go with the Emma mattress instead.

Motion Isolation

Moving on to motion isolation, the Puffy mattress has a unique combination of comfort and support that helps to minimize any disturbance from a partner’s movement.

The mattress is constructed with four layers of foam, including a layer of cooling gel memory foam that contours to your body. This helps to keep you comfortable while also providing excellent motion absorption.

Meanwhile, the Emma mattress also offers good motion isolation thanks to its springy top layer. The top layer is made from high-density memory foam which is designed to absorb movement and reduce disturbances.

So both mattresses offer good motion absorption but the Puffy may have an edge due to its more advanced foam construction. Ultimately, either mattress should provide adequate motion isolation for couples who share their bed.

Pressure Relief

The Puffy mattress uses a combination of three layers to provide pressure relief. Its top layer of 2-inch Cooling Cloud foam is designed to cradle the body.

It contours to the shape of your body, providing cushioning and support where needed. This layer also helps reduce motion transfer and provides ventilation for better breathability. The middle layer is made from 1-inch transition foam that provides additional cushioning and support. Lastly, its bottom layer is 7 inches of high-density core foam that offers a solid base with extra support and stability.

The Emma mattress uses two layers to provide pressure relief. Its top layer of 2-inch Airgocell foam is designed to contour to your body’s shape and provide comfort while preventing heat build-up on the surface. It also helps reduce motion transfer between sleeping partners, so you won’t be disturbed by their movements. The second layer is 6 inches of high-density base foam that offers extra support and stability while helping absorb any excess weight on the mattress surface.

Both mattresses offer good levels of pressure relief, but the Puffy mattress may be more beneficial for those who need a little bit more cushioning in certain areas due to its thicker top layer. However, if you prefer a firmer feel or need more support, then the Emma mattress may be a better option for you due to its thicker base layer offering more stability.

Warranty & Return Policy

Moving on from pressure relief, let’s take a look at the warranty and return policies from both Puffy and Emma. Both companies offer a 101-night sleep trial with free returns, giving customers plenty of time to decide if the mattress is right for them.

Puffy offers a lifetime warranty that covers sagging that measures over 1” deep. This warranty also includes protection against any physical defects or flaws in craftsmanship. If an issue arises during the lifetime of the mattress, customers can contact Puffy and they will repair or replace the mattress if it falls under their warranty coverage.

Emma provides a 10-year limited warranty covering against material defects or workmanship issues. They also have a 30-day free trial period which allows customers to try out their mattress before committing to it long term. If you’re unhappy with your purchase during this trial period, you can get your money back.

Overall, both Puffy and Emma offer generous warranties and return policies that allow customers to feel secure in their decision when buying a new mattress. Customers are given ample time to make sure they’re getting the best possible product for their needs without feeling overwhelmed by a commitment beyond what they’re comfortable with.

puffy mattress
Puffy mattress

Price & Value

The price of the Puffy mattress is significantly lower than that of the Emma mattress. The Puffy costs $795 for a queen size, while the Emma will cost you $1,099. This makes the Puffy an excellent option if you’re on a budget and still want to get a quality mattress.

When it comes to value, both mattresses offer plenty of features at their respective prices. The Puffy has several layers of foam and cooling technologies that help keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. It also offers a lifetime warranty, free shipping, and free returns. The Emma also has several layers of foam and cooling technologies, as well as a 100-night trial period so you can try it out before committing to buying it.

Both mattresses offer great value for their respective prices and are worth considering if you’re in the market for a new mattress. Each one has unique features that make them stand out from one another; however, whether or not they fit your needs is up to you to decide.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, both Puffy and Emma Mattress offer great support. Puffy offers a 100-night trial period and a lifetime warranty. They also provide 24/7 customer support by phone or email, as well as a live chat option if customers need any assistance with their purchase. Emma Mattress also offers a 100-night trial period and 10-year warranty, and they provide similar customer service options.

Both companies offer free shipping on all orders, so customers don’t have to worry about expensive delivery costs. In addition, Puffy has an easy return policy that allows customers to return their mattress within the 100-day trial period free of charge. Emma Mattress also offers free returns but only within the first 30 days of purchase.

Overall, both Puffy and Emma Mattress have excellent customer service options that make buying from them hassle-free and convenient. Customers can rest assured knowing that they’re in good hands when making their purchase either one of these mattresses.


Having discussed customer service, let’s now turn our attention to alternatives. If you’re looking for a mattress that offers the same level of comfort and support as the Puffy or Emma mattress, there are several options available.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more cushioning, the Casper is a great option. It features multiple layers of premium foam and latex that provide excellent support while also providing a cozy sleep surface. Additionally, Casper has an impressive 10-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial so you can try it out before committing to it.

The Tuft & Needle mattress is another popular choice among those looking for a luxurious sleeping experience. It features two layers of high-grade foam that cradles your body while offering ample support and pressure relief. The mattress also comes with a generous 100-night sleep trial and 10-year warranty to ensure that your investment is protected.

At the end of the day, both Puffy and Emma offer excellent mattresses that provide comfortable sleep experiences at very affordable prices. However, if you’re looking for something with more cushioning or additional features, these alternatives may be worth considering as well.

Pros Vs Cons

When comparing the Puffy and Emma mattresses, there are a few pros and cons to consider.

The Puffy mattress is made from a combination of cooling foam layers that provide an excellent balance of support and pressure relief. It also has an adjustable base for easy positioning and a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind. The main downside of the Puffy is its higher price point, as well as the fact that it can be quite heavy, making it difficult to move around or transport.

The Emma mattress is made from high-density foam designed to provide optimal comfort and back support. It is also very lightweight, making it easier to move or transport when needed. However, it does not have an adjustable base like the Puffy mattress, so you may need to purchase one separately if you prefer this feature. Additionally, it comes with a 10-year warranty rather than a lifetime warranty like the Puffy mattress provides.

In terms of pros and cons, both mattresses offer unique benefits depending on your needs. The Puffy has more features but is more expensive, while the Emma is cheaper but lacks some features found in the Puffy mattress. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which mattress best meets your needs.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing between the Puffy and Emma mattresses, there are a few key factors that should be taken into consideration. Both mattresses offer excellent comfort and support, however they differ slightly in terms of material construction. The Emma mattress is constructed with high-density foam layers, while the Puffy mattress is composed of memory foam and supportive coils.

Both mattresses also provide pressure relief, back support and improve sleep quality. In addition, both brands offer a generous trial period and warranty coverage. However, the Puffy mattress offers a lifetime warranty while Emma only provides 10 years of coverage.

Overall, both the Puffy and Emma mattresses provide great comfort and support at an affordable price point. Each one is ideal for different types of sleepers but either option would make an excellent addition to any bedroom setup.


In conclusion, both the Puffy and Emma mattresses are great options for anyone looking for a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface.

The Puffy mattress offers a medium-firm feel with its memory foam comfort layers while the Emma mattress has a slightly firmer feel with its hybrid construction. Both have excellent customer service and warranty offerings, so it really comes down to personal preference when deciding which one is right for you.

Personally, I would lean towards the Puffy mattress if I was looking for an all-foam option as I prefer the softer feel of memory foam over other materials. However, if you’re looking for something more supportive and bouncier, then the Emma mattress would be the better choice. Ultimately, both mattresses offer high levels of comfort and support that will help you get a good night’s sleep.

So whether you choose the Puffy or Emma mattress, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve made a great decision that will provide you with years of restful sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between Puffy and Emma mattresses?

Puffy and Emma mattresses have some key differences. Puffy is an all-foam mattress, while Emma is a hybrid mattress that combines foam and springs. Emma has a more responsive feel, while Puffy provides a more contouring feel. Puffy also has a higher density foam, which may be more durable than Emma’s foam.

Which mattress is better for side sleepers, Puffy or Emma?

Both Puffy and Emma are good for side sleepers, as they provide pressure relief to the hips and shoulders. However, Puffy’s softer foam layers may be better for those who prefer a more cushioning feel. Emma’s hybrid design may be better for those who want a more responsive feel.

Are Puffy and Emma mattresses good for back pain?

Both Puffy and Emma mattresses have features that can help alleviate back pain. Puffy’s foam layers can provide spinal alignment and pressure relief, while Emma’s springs can offer support and bounce. However, individuals with chronic back pain should consult with their doctor before choosing a mattress.

What is the price difference between Puffy and Emma mattresses?

Puffy and Emma mattresses are similarly priced. However, Puffy’s higher density foam may make it more durable in the long run, which could be a factor to consider when making a purchasing decision.

Do Puffy and Emma mattresses have good motion isolation?

Both Puffy and Emma mattresses have good motion isolation. Puffy’s all-foam design and Emma’s foam layers absorb motion well, which can be beneficial for couples who have different sleep schedules or who are easily disturbed by their partner’s movements.

Which mattress sleeps cooler, Puffy or Emma?

Emma may sleep cooler than Puffy due to its hybrid design, which allows for more airflow through the mattress. Puffy’s all-foam design may retain more heat, which could be a consideration for individuals who sleep hot.

Do Puffy and Emma mattresses have a good trial period and warranty?

Both Puffy and Emma mattresses have generous trial periods and warranties. Puffy offers a 101-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty, while Emma offers a 200-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

How do Puffy and Emma mattresses compare in terms of firmness?

Puffy and Emma mattresses have different firmness levels. Puffy has a softer feel, while Emma is firmer. Individuals who prefer a more cushioning feel may prefer Puffy, while those who want a more supportive feel may prefer Emma.

Which mattress is better for heavier individuals, Puffy or Emma?

Emma may be better for heavier individuals due to its hybrid design, which provides additional support from the springs. Puffy’s all-foam design may not provide enough support for heavier individuals.

Are Puffy and Emma mattresses made in the USA?

Both Puffy and Emma mattresses are made in the USA, using high-quality materials that are CertiPUR-US certified.

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