Puffy vs Casper Mattress Comparison (2023)

In this Puffy vs Casper mattress comparison we’ll examine the firmness of the Puffy against Casper mattresses. We will also discuss which mattress is suitable for stomach and side sleepers.

Find out more about our recommendations from our experts for the top mattress. This is an excellent comparison between two popular brands. Let’s begin by comparing the Cooling cloud foam that is used in each brand. Be sure to check out our review of Puffy mattress.


Both Casper and Puffy mattresses are similar in terms of firmness. However there are some distinct differences between the two. Both mattresses are medium-firm which is the most accommodating to a wide range of body types. Puffy has a firmer base, while Casper’s comfort layers provide support for different body parts. Both mattresses can be adapted to your body’s weight and accommodate different body positions without losing their shape.

The firmness level of the Puffy mattress is between 6 and 8. It is not recommended for back sleepers. Its foam construction and the firm Core Support make it extremely soft. However it is a must-have feature for those who prefer to sleep on their backs. The Puffy mattress is too soft for stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers prefer mattresses that provide more cushioning and support. Mattresses with deep contours can cause neck pain.

The firmness of the Casper and Puffy mattresses is similar, but heavier people may require more support and a more rounded shape. While both mattresses are comfortable for light sleepers heavier people may find them insufficient. The Puffy Mattress’ thicker top layer of memory foam gives medium firmness, which is the best to reduce motion transfer. While they both have a similar firmness level but the Casper mattress is also more suitable for heavy sleepers.

Despite their differences in the firmness of their mattresses, they share some common characteristics. Both mattresses provide the support needed for lumbar pain, but they’re not as firm as Casper. Casper is more affordable , and Puffy is rated higher by those with lower back pain. Despite the differences between the two mattresses, both have similar scores overall. Casper is a better choice for sleepers who prefer side sleeping since it provides better pressure relief. Casper is the most comfortable option for couples. Casper also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Cooling gel infusion

Puffy mattresses feature the gel-infused memory foam. This layer is divided into three zones. The top and bottom are firmer, while the middle is more softer. The Puffy mattress’s moderate firmness is similar to that of the Casper mattress. Both mattresses provide good support but don’t provide the same amount of pressure relief. The Puffy is a firmer mattress.

The Puffy mattress uses a cooling gel infusion. The gel cloud layer is breathable, so it won’t get too hot. This layer also reduces body heat. Puffy’s Climate Adaptive Regulation layer keeps your body at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. temperatures. It helps prevent sudden fluctuations in body temperature, which could cause you to wake up. The Puffy mattress is a superior cooling and support.

While both mattresses are comfortable and supportive, the Puffy mattress may not be right for everyone. If your partner is a bit fidgety or likes to move around frequently then an all-foam mattress could be the right option for you. Both mattresses have excellent warranties and return policies. Puffy and Casper offer 101-night trial durations. Puffy Lux mattresses also offer free returns.

The Puffy Lux is a luxury model that will cost more than the Casper. Both models have four layers, however, the Puffy Lux has an additional layer of foam. The top layer is Cooling Cloud Foam, which is three inches thick and helps reduce body heat. Additionally, the Puffy Lux is designed for side sleepers. Casper Wave is very expensive. A queen-sized Casper Wave costs $2300. The Puffy Lux is priced at approximately $1800.

puffy vs casper mattress comparison
Is Puffy mattress better than Casper mattress?

Supportive latex foam base layer

The Casper and Puffy mattresses are alike in their construction. They both have three layers of foam, including a plush latex-like top layer, a supportive transition layer of latex foam, and an underlayer of high-density polyfoam. Although they’re slightly more expensive but the Casper mattress is more comfortable than the Puffy mattress.

The Puffy mattress is made of Cooling Cloud memory foam. The Cooling Cloud layer is breathable and designed to ensure optimal temperature control. Climate Comfort is firmer and flexible and provides bounce and temperature control. Both mattresses have soft latex foam, the Puffy is unique in having an extra firm base layer called Firm Core Support. The base layer is more firm than the average foam, which helps prevent pressure points.

The base layer of Puffy Lux is 7 inches thicker than the other mattresses. This extra layer prevents the mattress sinking too much and keeps warm air in your body. The base layer also features an incredibly soft, silky-feeling cover that is comfortable and durable. No matter if you opt for either a Puffy or Casper mattress, you can rest assured that both will provide an enjoyable night’s rest.

The Puffy Lifetime Warranty covers manufacturing flaws, indentations more than 1.5 inches deep and a tear in the cover or zipper. The Casper warranty covers the base layer of supportive latex foam and additional plush foam and covers physical defects, like fabric tearing or zippers. The Puffy Lifetime warranty is also more extensive than Casper’s.

Side sleepers

If you are trying to determine which mattress is best suited for side sleepers, a Puffy comparison with a Casper comparison is vital. Casper is the better option for side sleepers who is light or medium weight. Puffy is the most suitable option for those who sleep on their sides and are light to medium weight. Both mattresses have the same overall score. However, Puffy is better for side sleepers because of its memory foam comfort layer. The Puffy lifetime guarantee is another benefit.

As stated above, every side sleeper’s comfort and support needs are different. You must choose the right firmness level. A mattress that is soft will provide comfort to people who are light in weight, whereas more firm mattresses will provide support to heavier people. If you are heavier the mattress that is firmer is better, especially in the event that it can support your shoulders and hips.

Both mattresses are not suitable for side sleepers. The Puffy mattress is able to provide sufficient support for back and stomach sleepers, but does not provide specific lumbar support. It’s still suitable for side sleepers, as long as they aren’t too tall or too heavy. For those who prefer to sleep on their sides and prefer to sleep on their backs, the Casper is the best option due to its soft memory foam.

In terms of the durability and cost are relevant with durability and cost, the Casper and Puffy mattresses are a better option for those who are a combo sleeper or prefer a foam bouncy bed. Both mattresses are affordable and are great options for side sleepers. Casper Nova is a comfortable option from Casper, is also available. This mattress is rated medium on the firmness scale. Both are excellent choices for side sleepers , however Casper doesn’t recommend it for those who sleep on their backs.


When comparing prices of Puffy and. Casper mattresses, there are a few factors to be aware of. One, the Puffy is cheaper and better for side sleepers and back sleepers, while the Casper is more expensive. Then, the price difference is even more significant when you consider the cooling capabilities. Both mattresses are made from memory foam, which allows them to regulate temperatures. Casper has cooling layers, while Puffy does not.

Both mattresses have good lumbar support, however Puffy isn’t as comfortable as Casper. The Casper mattress provides more support for those who are heavier. The soft memory foam that is on top of the Casper isn’t as supportive and if you’re heavier then you’ll need to search for a more supportive mattress. This is because Puffy is not designed to support heavier individuals.

Both companies are committed to helping the environment. They have a donation program. The Casper mattress is made from up to 57 recycled bottles in the cover, making it a great choice for the environment. It ships free and takes three to six days to reach its destination. Puffy makes it easy to find a mattress you like by comparing them side-by-side. Puffy’s website doesn’t contain annoying popups to bother you.

You can pick which you like according to your personal preference. For those who sleep on their sides Puffy is superior to Casper. Back sleepers who like a mattress that is firm and bouncy will prefer Casper. Casper is the best choice for back sleepers, and Puffy works well for side and light-weight sleepers. Puffy is cooled and has memory foam on the top.


What mattress is better than Casper?

Best alternative options for Casper mattress include WinkBed Mattress, Saatva Classic Mattress, Helix Sunset Luxe, Tuft & Needle.

What mattress is comparable to Puffy?

GhostBed and Puffy are two of the most popular online mattress stores. Both companies provide a wide range of foam and hybrid mattresses with unique cooling characteristics and exceptional pressure relief. Nature’s Sleep introduced GhostBed in 2015.

Who competes with Casper mattress?

My Pillow, Leesa Sleep, Helix Sleep, Mattress Firm, Simba Sleep, FloBeds, and BedInABox are among Casper’s main competitors. Casper is a mattress, sheet, and pillow designer, producer, and retailer.

Is Puffy mattress worth the money?

For side sleepers weighing 230 pounds or fewer, the Puffy is an excellent alternative. The medium firmness will provide enough support and spinal alignment for them. However, heavier side sleepers may require a firmer mattress.

How long has Puffy mattress been in business?

Puffy is a mattress company that was formed in 2016 and now produces three mattresses: the Puffy, the Puffy Lux Hybrid, and the Puffy Royal Hybrid. The original Puffy Mattress is made entirely of foam, however the Lux Hybrid and Royal Hybrid both have coil-based support systems.

Does the Puffy mattress sag?

It, like many other all-foam mattresses, may begin to droop sooner than a mattress with innerspring support. However, this mattress comes with a lifetime warranty, so if your old Puffy mattress starts to droop, you may be able to get it replaced for free.

Where is Puffy Lux manufactured?

Puffy Lux is a soft memory foam mattress that’s made in the USA and has a washable cover.

How does Puffy lifetime warranty work?

In the event of a defect, we will repair the defect or replace it with a then current comparable model and size of your Puffy Bed Frame. For the entire lifespan of your Puffy Bed Frame, we will replace your Puffy Bed Frame with a brand new Puffy Bed Frame free of charge.

How long do mattresses usually last?

The average mattress should last between seven and ten years. However, there are other factors that can affect mattress longevity. The original mattress quality, the materials utilized, and even the weight and sleeping patterns of the sleepers can all have an impact on how long a bed lasts.

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