Puffy VS Bear Mattress Comparison (2023)

Have you ever woken up feeling stiff and sore after a night’s sleep, despite your mattress being relatively new? If so, you may be in the market for a new mattress that can provide the comfort and support you need to get through your day.

The Puffy Mattress and the Bear Mattress are two popular choices on the market right now, but which one is right for you? In this article, we’ll compare both mattresses side-by-side and help you decide which one is best suited to meet your needs.

Are you a fan of memory foam mattresses, or do you prefer something more responsive?

The Puffy Mattress is made with several unique layers of memory foam that contour to your body as you sleep, providing superior pressure relief and comfort. On the other hand, the Bear Mattress features proprietary foam technology designed to keep your spine in alignment while still allowing for some bounce for easier repositioning throughout the night.

Both mattresses come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to weigh all of your options before making a decision. Read on to learn more about how these two mattress models measure up against each other.

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Overview of Both Mattresses

The Puffy mattress and the Bear mattress are two popular options in the bedding industry. They both have their own unique features that make them stand out from other mattresses. Both beds offer a medium-firm feel and are ideal for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers alike. So what sets them apart? Let’s take a closer look at each one to find out.

The Puffy mattress is composed of three layers of foam, including a top layer of cooling gel memory foam. This layer helps to keep you cool during the night and provides great pressure relief for your body. It also has a middle layer of transition foam that provides additional support and comfort. The base layer is made up of high-density polyfoam which gives you extra cushioning and stability.

The Bear mattress is made up of four layers, including a top layer of graphite-gel memory foam that helps to regulate temperature throughout the night. It also has two middle layers consisting of transition foam and supportive memory foam which provide excellent pressure relief while still providing support for your body. The bottom layer is made up of dense polyfoam which provides added cushioning and durability.

Both mattresses offer great comfort, support, pressure relief, temperature regulation and overall quality – so it really comes down to personal preference when deciding between these two beds.

Construction and Design

The Puffy and Bear mattresses both have unique construction and design features that make them appealing to different types of sleepers. The Puffy mattress is 10” thick and features a top layer of Cooling Cloud foam, a second layer of Climate Comfort foam, and a third layer of Firm Core Support foam.

This combination provides great pressure relief for people who sleep on their sides, as well as the ability to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the night. The Bear mattress is 12” thick and has two layers: Responsive comfort foam, which offers great pressure relief for side sleepers; and a dense support foam base, which provides extra support for back and stomach sleepers. Both mattresses are covered with a breathable cover that helps keep you cool during the night.

When it comes to motion transfer, both mattresses do an excellent job at absorbing movement so that you don’t disrupt your partner when changing positions throughout the night. The Puffy mattress excels in this area due to its Cooling Cloud foam top layer and its middle layer of Climate Comfort foam. On the other hand, the Bear mattress utilizes its dense support foam base to absorb motion and provide contouring support for all sleeping positions.

Overall, both mattresses offer great construction designs that provide good pressure relief, temperature regulation, comfortability, breathability and motion absorption for different types of sleepers.

Is Puffy mattress better than Bear mattress?
Puffy mattress vs Bear mattress

Comfort And Support

When it comes to comfort and support, there are some distinct differences between Puffy and Bear mattresses. Puffy is made of a combination of memory foam and polyfoam, while Bear is an all-foam mattress. This gives the Puffy a softer feel, while the Bear mattress offers more support.

The Puffy’s construction includes two layers of breathable foam that help keep sleepers cool throughout the night. The top layer of foam is designed to contour to your body for personalized comfort, while the bottom layer provides extra cushioning and support. Meanwhile, the Bear mattress has a single layer of proprietary foam that is designed to provide deep compression support without sacrificing comfort. It also contains a cooling graphite gel memory foam that helps regulate heat build-up during sleep.

Overall, each mattress offers its own unique level of comfort and support depending on what type of sleeper you are. People who prefer a softer sleeping surface may find greater satisfaction with the Puffy mattress, whereas those looking for more firmness should try out the Bear mattress.

Temperature Regulation

The temperature regulation of a mattress is an important consideration when comparing the Puffy and Bear mattress. The Puffy mattress utilizes a Cooling Cloud foam layer to help dissipate heat from the body, while the Bear mattress places its focus on the cover and uses Celliant technology to help regulate temperature.

The Puffy’s Cooling Cloud foam layer works by absorbing heat away from the body, allowing for better air circulation and improved cooling. The Bear’s cover contains Celliant technology which reflects body heat back towards the sleeper in order to keep them warm throughout the night.

Ultimately, both mattresses offer excellent temperature regulation capabilities, but depending on whether you tend to sleep hot or cold, one may be more suitable than the other. Those who tend to sleep hot will likely find greater relief with the Puffy, while those who sleep cold may benefit more from the Bear mattress.

Motion Isolation

Moving on from temperature regulation, the next important factor to consider when comparing puffy and bear mattresses is motion isolation. Motion isolation refers to how well a mattress absorbs motion so that someone sleeping in another part of the bed won’t be disturbed. To test this, we looked at how much motion was transferred across each mattress when someone moves around or gets up from the bed.

The puffy mattress provided excellent motion isolation, absorbing almost all movement and preventing it from being felt by the other sleeper. This makes it ideal for couples who don’t want to be woken up by their partner’s movements. The Bear mattress also did well at isolating movement, but didn’t quite perform as well as the Puffy.

So if you’re looking for a mattress that can help you get undisturbed sleep even if your partner moves around during the night, then the Puffy mattress is likely your best bet.

Edge Support

When it comes to edge support, Puffy and Bear Mattress have very different designs. Puffy’s mattress has a perimeter foam wrap that provides extra support around the edges of the bed. This helps keep your body in place when you sleep, reducing motion transfer and providing a comfortable sleeping experience. On the other hand, Bear Mattress has an 8″ high-density foam core that gives it strong edge support all around. This means that no matter where you lay on the mattress, you’ll feel supported and secure.

Both mattresses also feature reinforced sides for added stability, but Puffy takes this one step further with its ‘Foam Rail’ technology which adds even more reinforcement to the edge of the mattress to prevent sagging or sinking over time.

So when it comes to edge support, both mattresses offer good options depending on your needs. With Puffy’s extra perimeter support and Bear Mattress’s thicker design, either option can provide excellent stability for your sleep space without sacrificing comfort.

Durability And Longevity

When comparing the durability and longevity of a Puffy mattress and a Bear mattress, it’s important to consider how each mattress is made. Puffy mattresses are constructed with high-density foam that is designed to be more durable than traditional foam mattresses. The top layer features additional support coils, which provide added stability and support.

Bear mattresses are also constructed with high-density foam, but they feature individually wrapped coils, which add additional pressure relief and motion isolation. Both mattresses have a 10-year limited warranty, so you can rest assured that your investment will last for years to come.

The materials used in both mattresses also play an important role in their durability and longevity. Puffy mattresses are made from premium grade foam that is designed to remain firm for years, while the Bear mattress features cooling gel memory foam for extra comfort and cooling properties. Both materials are designed to resist sagging over time, meaning that your mattress should last for many years before needing to be replaced or upgraded.

Overall, when considering the durability and longevity of a Puffy or Bear mattress, it’s clear that both options offer excellent quality construction and materials that are designed to stand up against regular wear and tear over time. Whether you choose a Puffy or Bear model, you can be confident that your mattress will provide you with long-term comfort and support.

puffy mattress
Puffy mattress

Firmness Options

The Puffy mattress is available in Medium-Firm and Firm options. The Medium-Firm option offers a balance between support and comfort, making it suitable for most sleepers. It also has an added layer of foam to provide additional cushioning and contouring. The Firm option is ideal for those who need more support or prefer a firmer feel. Both of these options come with a lifetime warranty and free shipping.

The Bear mattress comes in three different firmness levels – Soft, Medium, and Firm. The Soft option provides the most cushioning and body contouring for side sleepers, while the Medium option is best suited for back sleepers who need extra support. The Firm option is designed to provide maximum support without sacrificing comfort. All three options come with a 10-year warranty and free shipping.

Both the Puffy and Bear mattresses offer excellent firmness options to suit different sleeping preferences. Whichever one you choose will depend on your personal preferences and needs.

Pricing And Value

Moving on to pricing and value, let’s compare the two mattresses. The Puffy mattress is more expensive than the Bear mattress, but it does come with a 101-night risk-free trial period. This means that you can return it if you don’t like it within 101 nights of purchase. The Bear mattress also comes with a 100-night trial, so you have plenty of time to decide if it is the right fit for you.

When it comes to value for money, both mattresses offer great quality and construction at their respective price points. The Puffy mattress offers features such as cooling foam layers and edge support, which make it worth considering for anyone looking for a high-end mattress. On the other hand, the Bear mattress provides firm support and temperature regulation at an affordable price point that makes it ideal for budget shoppers.

Overall, both mattresses offer great value in terms of materials and construction. You’ll have to decide which one best suits your needs depending on what type of sleeper you are and how much you’re willing to spend on your new mattress.

Shipping, Returns, Warranties

When it comes to shipping, Puffy offers free ground shipping within the contiguous United States. Returns are also easy, with a 101-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty. Bear Mattress offers free delivery with orders over $500 and free returns within 100 days of purchase. They also offer a 10-year limited warranty.

Puffy has an edge when it comes to convenience since they ship to all 50 states while Bear Mattress only ships to the contiguous US. Bear Mattress, however, has an advantage when it comes to returns since they offer a full 100-day trial period instead of Puffy’s 101 nights.

Both mattresses provide excellent warranties, giving customers peace of mind that their mattress will last for years. Puffy’s lifetime warranty is especially impressive, providing long-term protection against any defects in material or workmanship.

Customer Reviews

When it comes to customer reviews, both Puffy and Bear Mattress have a lot of positive feedback from customers. Many people report that the mattresses are comfortable and supportive, and that they have seen improvements in their sleep quality after switching to either mattress.

The majority of customers also seem satisfied with the pricing for each mattress. They feel that the quality of materials used is worth the cost. There have been some complaints about shipping delays and customer service issues with both brands, but overall, these issues appear to be rare.

Overall, customers are satisfied with both Puffy and Bear Mattress. Most praise their comfort levels, supportiveness, and price points. However, there have been some minor issues regarding shipping delays or customer service issues which may be a factor when choosing between the two brands.

Trial Periods

When it comes to trial periods, Puffy offers a 101-night sleep trial. This allows customers to test the mattress and return it if they are not satisfied. Puffy also provides a lifetime warranty, so customers can be sure their product is covered if anything goes wrong down the road.

In comparison, Bear Mattress offers a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year limited warranty. The 100-night trial gives customers plenty of time to decide whether or not the mattress is the right one for them. However, the 10-year warranty does not cover as many years as Puffy’s lifetime warranty does.

Overall, when it comes to trying out a mattress before committing to it, both Puffy and Bear Mattress offer generous sleep trials with warranties that provide peace of mind for customers. Customers should weigh their options carefully before deciding which one is best for them.

Size Availability

When it comes to size availability, the Puffy mattress and the Bear mattress both offer a range of sizes for different types of sleepers. The Puffy mattress has six sizes including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. Additionally, they offer an additional option which is their Split King option which includes two adjustable bases that are connected together with one mattress. The Bear mattress only offers five sizes including Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

The dimensions of each size vary slightly between the two mattresses. For instance, the dimensions of a Queen size Puffy mattress are 60” x 80” while the dimensions of a Queen size Bear mattress are 60” x 79”. It is important to consider these differences when comparing the two mattresses in order to make an informed decision about which one is best for you.

Both companies provide helpful sizing guides on their websites to help customers find the best fit for them based on their body type and sleep preferences. Ultimately, there is no clear winner between these two mattresses when it comes to size availability as both offer a variety of options for customers to choose from.

Sleep Positions Best Suited For Each Mattress

The Puffy mattress is ideal for back and stomach sleepers due to its supportive foam layers. It provides extra cushioning around the hips and shoulders to alleviate pressure in these areas and keep the spine aligned. Side sleepers may find it a bit too firm, however, as the foam layers don’t offer enough contouring or cushioning.

The Bear mattress is best suited for all types of sleepers. Its responsive foam layers provide excellent contouring, which is perfect for side sleepers who need extra cushioning around the hips and shoulders. The mattress also offers great support for back and stomach sleepers, helping to keep their spine properly aligned.

Overall, each mattress has its advantages depending on a person’s sleeping position. The Puffy mattress may be better for back and stomach sleepers while the Bear mattress is great for all types of sleepers. People should take into account their own sleeping habits and preferences when choosing which mattress is best suited for them.

Final Verdict

The Puffy mattress and the Bear mattress both offer exceptional comfort and support. Both mattresses are designed to provide a comfortable night’s sleep, with high quality materials that are designed to last. When it comes to deciding between the two, there are several factors to consider.

The first factor is the level of firmness. The Puffy mattress offers a medium-firm feel, while the Bear mattress has a medium feel. Depending on personal preference, either one could be suitable for sleeping on. Additionally, the Bear mattress is slightly firmer than the Puffy mattress, so those who prefer a firmer surface may find that more suitable.

The second factor is cost. The Puffy mattress is significantly less expensive than the Bear mattress, making it an attractive choice for those who are on a budget or simply don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new bed. However, if you’re looking for superior durability and temperature regulation features then the Bear mattress might be worth spending extra for.

Overall, both mattresses offer excellent comfort and support at different price points. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual consumer to determine which one best fits their needs and budget.

Is Puffy Mattress Better Than Bear Mattresses?

The Puffy and Bear mattresses are both great choices for sleepers. The Puffy mattress is a great option for back and side sleepers who prefer a softer feel. Its temperature regulating features make it suitable for hot sleepers.

Meanwhile, the Bear mattress is best suited to back and stomach sleepers who need more support. It has excellent motion isolation and cooling capabilities, making it an ideal choice for those who share their bed with someone else. Both mattresses come with generous trial periods so you can decide if they’re right for you before committing to a purchase.

Ultimately, your decision should depend on your own sleeping needs and preferences. Whichever mattress you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a quality product that will provide years of good sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between Puffy and Bear Mattress?

Puffy and Bear mattresses differ in terms of their construction and the materials used. While Puffy uses foam layers, Bear uses both foam and coils in their construction. Puffy is also softer than Bear, making it ideal for side sleepers, while Bear is firmer and suitable for back and stomach sleepers.

Which mattress is more comfortable, Puffy or Bear?

Comfort is subjective and depends on individual preferences. Puffy is ideal for those who prefer a soft and plush feel, while Bear is firmer and offers more support. So, it ultimately depends on your sleeping position and body type.

Are Puffy and Bear mattresses durable?

Both Puffy and Bear mattresses are designed to last for a long time, with a lifespan of around 7-10 years. Puffy uses high-quality foam that is known for its durability, while Bear uses a combination of foam and coils to increase the mattress’s lifespan.

Which mattress is better for back pain, Puffy, or Bear?

Bear mattress offers better support for those with back pain, as it is designed to keep your spine aligned while you sleep. The combination of foam and coils in the Bear mattress provides targeted support and pressure relief for your back, while Puffy may not offer as much support.

How is the motion isolation in Puffy and Bear mattresses?

Both Puffy and Bear mattresses have excellent motion isolation, which means that you won’t feel your partner’s movements while you sleep. This is because both mattresses use foam layers that absorb motion and prevent it from transferring across the mattress.

Do Puffy and Bear mattresses come with a sleep trial period?

Yes, both Puffy and Bear mattresses come with a sleep trial period. Puffy offers a 101-night sleep trial, while Bear offers a 100-night sleep trial. This allows you to try out the mattress and return it if you’re not satisfied with it.

Which mattress is better for hot sleepers, Puffy or Bear?

Puffy mattress tends to sleep cooler than Bear, as it is designed with cooling technology that helps regulate your body temperature while you sleep. However, Bear mattress also uses cooling technology, such as its Celliant cover, to keep you cool throughout the night.

How do Puffy and Bear mattresses compare in terms of edge support?

Bear mattress has better edge support than Puffy, as it uses coils in its construction that provide more support and prevent the mattress from sagging around the edges. Puffy, on the other hand, has a softer feel and may not offer as much support around the edges.

Which mattress is easier to maintain, Puffy, or Bear?

Both Puffy and Bear mattresses are easy to maintain and don’t require any special care. However, Puffy is a bit easier to maintain, as it doesn’t have any coils that may need to be rotated or flipped periodically.

How do Puffy and Bear mattresses compare in terms of pricing?

Pricing for Puffy and Bear mattresses varies depending on the size and model you choose. Generally, Puffy mattresses are more affordable than Bear mattresses. However, Bear mattresses come with a longer warranty, which may make them a better long-term investment.

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