Puffy vs Avocado Mattress Comparison (2023)

Here’s a Puffy vs Avocado mattress comparison if you’re looking for a memory foam mattress. Both mattresses are made of foam, and are renowned for their outstanding customer support.

Here are some facts about each mattress, as well as reviews from actual customers. You are always welcome to ask questions. If you’re not certain of which product to purchase then you can check out our Puffy mattress review.


The Puffy and Avocado mattresses both have the same base layers, but the Puffy has a more durable foam. The Avocado, on the other hand, features an option for a pillow top and makes use of wool instead of cotton. Both mattresses are firm and feature a base layer of 7.5 inch of support coils. The Avocado mattress is made of an additional foam material that is more supportive and softening than the Puffy.

The Avocado mattress is a hit when it comes to customer reviews. The Avocado mattress’s 2 inches layer of latex foam is cooler than memory foam which holds heat. Its top layer is made of organic cotton, which helps to keep it cool and non-heated. The Avocado is a great choice for back and stomach sleepers. If you’re not sure what mattress is best for your requirements, you can buy the pillow-top model that adds two inches of support. Avocado mattresses come in different sizes including queen and twin.

The Puffy mattress isn’t for all. On a scale from 1-10, the medium firmness of the mattress is 6-8. The firmness level is dependent on your shape and size. It can be used in any position and offers a great balance between comfort and responsiveness. The Puffy isn’t the best option for stomach sleepers. It is however an excellent choice for back and side sleepers.

The Puffy is more value for money. The price is fair in comparison to the quality. The mattress is more flexible and provides better Edge Support. The Avocado mattress is a superior choice for couples. Apart from providing more value for price, it also offers greater support and helps relieve pain better than the Puffy. Which is the better option?

Puffy Mattress support for stomach sleepers

A firm mattress is necessary for people who sleep on their stomach. The Puffy Lux is firmer than the original Puffy mattress however it might not be supportive enough for those who sleep on their sides. It might be enough for those who sleep on their side. The Puffy is a good option if you’re lighter and have a smaller frame. The mattress will provide you with the support you require to rest comfortably on your stomach. Don’t miss our Puffy mattress review.

The Puffy Lux Hybrid is designed for stomach sleepers with a weight of less than 130 pounds. The mattress has a medium firmness with plush comfort layers. However, it might not be supportive enough for stomach sleepers with heavier weights who put more pressure on the mattress and need more firmness. It ships via FedEx Ground and offers a tracking number. The manufacturer offers a no-cost trial period of 101 nights.

The Puffy is not recommended for people who sleep on the stomach. The mattress’s thin, supportive layers are not enough to keep those who sleep on their stomachs comfortable. The Puffy is not recommended for heavy people. It’s best for those who sleep on their sides and in combination. A heavier person should avoid the Puffy when they’re sleeping on their stomachs. While the mattress may not be able to support their stomachs it is great for back and side sleepers.

For those who sleep on their backs and sides For back and side sleepers, the Puffy Lux Hybrid is the best choice. This hybrid mattress is more supportive and more breathable than the original Puffy Lux, but it may not be ideal for stomach sleepers. It is more suitable for people who sleep in a combination, since it allows you to sleep on your side as well. It may not be a good fit for stomach sleepers, so you might want to consider the alternatives.

The Puffy is a great alternative for side and back sleepers. Its medium-firm, cushioned feel and pocketed coils are shaped to your body’s shape and offer individualized support. It’s a great option for back sleepers as well as those who tend to get warm in bed. It’s also a great choice for couples. Its sturdy materials make it an excellent option. Additionally, it offers the most efficient customer service.

Is puffy better than avocado?
Is Puffy better than Avocado mattress?


You can compare the cost of a mattress made by Puffy to an Avocado when you are searching for a new mattress. Both companies claim that their mattresses are the most comfortable in the world. However, you should think about how much they actually cost. Both mattresses are foam, but their prices are similar. Although Puffy’s mattress is more expensive than Puffy, it seems reasonable considering the quality. Additionally, both brands offer excellent customer support and service. You can read reviews and ask questions of real customers.

The Avocado mattress is a great alternative. Its pillow top design adds a plush layer of the mattress and makes it incredibly supportive. The avocado mattress is perfect for people who love the comfort of a pillowy mattress but still need a firm base. It’s easy to find reviews that praise it as an excellent mattress, however you won’t be able tell which one is the better option for you.

The Avocado mattress is an organic latex hybrid mattress, manufactured in the sunny California. It uses OEKO-TEX and Global Organic Textile Standard certifications. It also uses organic materials, and produces no emissions. It also has a unique contouring system that provides pressure relief and contouring. It is also vegan-certified. This mattress is also certified vegan.

As an individual consumer, I’d suggest going with a brand that has excellent reviews. Three of them I bought myself and gave to my two grown children. They’ve been around for four years and are in great shape. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, check both options to determine which one best suits you. You might be surprised which one you like best! You may even want to purchase both, so you can compare the costs.


The most noticeable difference between the two mattresses is their eco-friendly qualities. The Avocado mattress is an green option due to its use of organic certified materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. It is made from 100 percent GOLS organic certified rubber latex that was made from Indian rubber trees. Avocado’s organic cotton and wool materials are also certified, which means they are free from chemicals.

The Avocado mattress received high-rated ratings in the last two years from Consumer Reports and also comes with a pillow top. Avocado’s website features a video showing how the Avocado mattress looks without a pillow cover. It also explains the primary attributes of Avocado’s cover. It also lists the specifics of the construction of the Avocado as well as the puffy. This way, you can make an informed choice about which one is right for you.

The Avocado mattress also comes with an eco-friendly option, and does not contain any artificial materials. It is made in America and the cover is made from organic cotton and latex. The two mattresses are also both certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. Avocado also maintains strict social and environmental standards during their production process. The GhostBed Natural mattress, on the other hand, comes with five layers of natural comfort materials. Its natural wool, Talalay latex and genuine Dunlop and organic cotton, provide support and cooling.

When choosing a mattress, it is crucial to think about your sleeping position. While some prefer to sleep close to the edge of their bed some prefer to rest on a comfortable ledge. The mattress you select should offer adequate support and alignment to ensure the health of your spine and body. A bowling ball test is a great way to gauge the firmness of the mattress. If it’s firm it, it must be firm enough to provide a uniform support across the layers of the mattress.

puffy vs avocado mattress comparison


If you’re looking for an alternative mattress but aren’t sure which one to pick, you might be wondering what the main differences between the Puffy and an Avocado are. Both are foam mattresses, but have distinct qualities. The Puffy mattress is a hybrid and is ideal for side sleepers. The Avocado mattress is for back sleepers. Both of them reduce pressure points, which makes them perfect for side sleeping.

The lifetime warranty for the Puffy mattress does not cover normal wear and tear. If you notice any obvious impressions or an elongation of the foam within the first year, you can send it back to receive a full refund. The mattress can be returned up to one year following its original purchase however only if it is purchased through the official Puffy website.

Avocado mattress is made of organic materials and includes 1,500 innerspring coils. It is firm but soft, and maintains its shape over time. It is an excellent choice for those who want firm support and pillow-top softness. If you’re not sure which type of mattress to purchase, you can check out both sizes to see which one you prefer. To make an informed decision look at reviews and ratings!

Avocado mattresses are made from organic materials and are hand-crafted in sunny California. They are more expensive. It starts at $1,500 for a queen-sized bed however it is comparable to other sizes. It is recommended for side and stomach sleepers and has coils that target five of the ergodic zones. If you’re not sure what to buy, make sure you check their warranties and customer service.


The warranty for an avocado mattress as opposed to a puffy mattress may seem better. The difference in coverage isn’t really that significant. You could end up paying more if you purchase the wrong mattress. To ensure that you’re getting the most value out of your purchase, take a look at this comparison of warranty and discover what you’re not getting. This article will explain the differences between these two mattress types and help you determine which one will be best for you.

Let’s look at the warranties of each mattress. The Avocado Mattress comes with a five-year warranty for a defect in workmanship or materials. Photographic evidence will be required to establish the defect. Indentation smaller than 1.5 inches in depth are not covered under the warranty. You can file a warranty claim via the company’s website in the event of any damage to the mattress or pillow. You will need to include the date of purchase and the place where the mattress was purchased. To make sure that the mattress is properly fitted, you will also need to use a tailor’s tape.

The only distinction between the two mattresses is the warranty. The Avocado Mattress is 100% natural, and the Puffy mattress does not contain harmful chemicals. It also has low off gassing. The company also makes each puffy mattress by hand in California. Because the mattresses are hand-made they are free of harmful chemicals and plastics. The company’s focus is on high-quality construction, which means you receive a superior mattress for the budget.


What mattress is comparable to Puffy?

GhostBed and Puffy are two of the most popular online mattress stores. Both companies provide a wide range of foam and hybrid mattresses with unique cooling characteristics and exceptional pressure relief. Nature’s Sleep introduced GhostBed in 2015.

Are avocado mattresses bouncy?

The Avocado vs Purple mattresses are equally firm and bouncy in terms of firmness and sensation. The Avocado is ideal for those who prefer a firmer, more springy mattress, as its coils allow for more movement. Purple is somewhat softer than Avocado, making it a better choice for side sleepers.

What firmness are avocado mattresses?

The standard Avocado Green Mattress delivers a gentle, yet slightly firmer sleeping experience. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = Soft as a cloud, 10 = Very firm), our standard mattress is a 7. Our softer pillow-top mattress features an additional 2″ layer of GOLS organic certified Dunlop latex — and rates as a 6.

Do avocado mattresses last?

Avocado mattresses are made to last a minimum of 25 years. That’s why each mattress comes with a limited warranty of 25 years. From years 1 to 10, you’ll have full, non-prorated coverage, and from years 11 to 25, you’ll have restricted, prorated coverage.

How long has puffy mattress been in business?

Puffy is a mattress company that was formed in 2016 and now produces three mattresses: the Puffy, the Puffy Lux Hybrid, and the Puffy Royal Hybrid. The original Puffy Mattress is made entirely of foam, however the Lux Hybrid and Royal Hybrid both have coil-based support systems.

Is Avocado mattress good for heavy person?

This mattress is ideal for people who are heavier. The robust latex and coil structure provides ultra-support and durability, ensuring that the mattress lasts a long time. Avocado mattresses are made to hold up to 350 pounds of weight per person.

Can you flip a puffy mattress?

Puffy mattresses are built to never need to be turned over. You can rotate them 180 degrees on occasion, although it is not necessary.

Do puffy mattresses smell?

The Puffy comes in a cardboard box, just like some of the top bed-in-a-box mattresses. It is typical to notice a small chemical odor when unpacking a mattress, and we had similar experience with the Puffy.

Who owns puffy mattress?

Arthur Andreasyan is the founder and CEO of Puffy Mattress.

Does the puffy mattress sag?

It, like many other all-foam mattresses, may begin to droop sooner than a mattress with innerspring support. However, this mattress comes with a lifetime warranty, so if your old Puffy mattress starts to droop, you may be able to get it replaced for free.

How long does a puffy mattress take to inflate?

Take the mattress out of the box. It will then begin to enlarge and firm up. This takes only a few minutes at first, but the foams may take several hours to harden up. It may take up to 24 hours for the foams to reach their maximum potential. In the video below, we demonstrate how simple it is to unbox the Puffy mattress.

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